Ethical Fashion, Please!

How is it possible that in 2017, almost 2018, we still have companies with supply chains that make the consumer nauseous? Factory workers in Istanbul producing clothes for fashion chain Zara, have apparently left messages on item tags saying "I made this item you are going to buy, but I didn't get paid for it." Their words remind me of a documentary I watched earlier this year called The True Cost.

One shocking point that the film makes, is that the price of clothing has been falling over the years, but only because the externalities of human and environmental impacts are blatantly ignored. Something really is not right, when you can buy a T-Shirt for R40 or $3. The business model is not sustainable if that's the price you ask after incorporating material, labour and transport costs...Please think about that the next time you buy an item, just because you're in the mood for some retail therapy.

Zara (and your competitors in the industry), I like your designs and some of my purchases are actually quite comfortable, but please sort your sh^t out, this is not the Middle Ages.

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