Drinking Food Waste: Cheers To Toast Ale

Many things make me sad, but food waste is right up there on the list. I just cannot get how society has normalised the behaviour of throwing perfectly good food away when so many others are starving or scraping by.

The UN estimates that globally we are wasting one third of all food that we produce. This is not just the actual food that ends up in the landfill; it's the water, electricity and transport costs which went into producing those products that we so easily tend to discount. Think about that the next time you're simply not in the mood for last night's lasagne...

A company called Toast Ale is using surplus bread and turning it into something drinkable. Toast Ale is being brewed in the US, Iceland, Brazil and here in South Africa too. Knead and Sandwich Baron are currently supplying the carbs to the South African team. Business doing good - makes my heart sing!