Boardgame: Codenames

One of the easiest ways to get everyone off their mobile phones is to suggest a round of Codenames. Two teams are formed (a blue team and a red team) and each team is led by a spymaster. The spymasters know the real identities of their agents, but the two teams have to guess who the agents on their team are by figuring out their codenames. 

The basic premise is that teams have to connect different concepts in a creative and strategic way. For example, if the blue team has the cards “mosquito”, “Brazil” and “epidemic,” then the three cards could be linked by saying “Zika, three”. The Zika virus was spread by a mosquito and the epidemic was especially large in Brazil.

The spymaster has to guide his/her team to figure out which cards belong to them, while avoiding the assasin (the one word/concept/card that means ‘game over’). The clues given by the spymaster must also be framed in such a way so that the blue team does not end up choosing cards/concepts that belong to the red team. 

Codenames enables you to see how well you know your friends or helps you to become better acquainted with a new group of people, laughter guaranteed! 

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