What It's Worth Spending Your Money On

We all exchange hours of our lives to earn money. Sometimes you're standing in front of the jam shelf in the supermarket and you suddenly question whether you really need to buy the yummy, cute-looking Bonne Maman jar from France? Or whether that money should rather go elsewhere. This post is not about buying experiences rather than things. It's about those things that you should probably buy when you're buying things.

Here are some categories and thinking that I have found useful over the years. The implementation does not always go off without a hitch though :)

Medical aid and insurance

I cannot stress this enough. Life happens and sh^t happens. It's a lot cheaper to pay your premium and hope you'll never have to claim than to not have that security in place. People get ill or their stuff gets stolen. You're not so unique that it couldn't ever happen to you. 

Sunscreen and skincare

Your skin will be with you for the rest of your life. I'm not saying you should splurge and go into debt to buy the moisturiser made from the urine of Irish dairy cows or something, but do try and take care of your skin. This includes your neck and hands.

Mattress and pillow

You sleep about one third of your life and that's excluding afternoon naps. A bad mattress and/or pillow will ruin your back and neck and decrease the quality of your sleep. 


This one is just for the ladies, but it's crucial. The right bra offering enough support will uplift any outfit, improve your posture and likely also your confidence. Ensure that you're professionally fitted and find what works for your body.


If you've spent a lot of time in the company of older people, you'll know that many of them suffer from foot ailments - bunions, heel pain, deformities. Yes, not all of these problems can be directly traced back to the types of shoes worn, but when you're young you can definitely set yourself up for success or failure in this regard. E.g. rather buy one or two pairs of good quality leather sandals or boots than several pairs made from cheap plastic that make your feet sweat or that pinch your toes.


I'm not referring to the brand or status of your car. Any car that has not been recalled or been known to explode while on the highway should be fine. The key is to pay attention to the maintenance of your vehicle. Not only does your life depend on it, any issues your car might have could possibly impact other, innocent people on the roads as well. 

I'd be keen to expand this list so let me know in the comments what else you think people should be spending their money on.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/yw7mV9JeND4